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From our client

Theresa Katsilieris

“Best seafood on the South Shore. I always bring new friends to try it and they are convinced once a succulent clam enters their mouth.”


Nicole C.

“Lobster Mac and cheese.... OMG do yourself a favor and order this!!!”


Karen A. 


“We had my daughter's rehearsal dinner here recently and I have to say the food & service was Five Star!!! Thank you for making the night extra special for us!! I highly recommend Jade Lobster!!”

About 99% of Jade lobsters is wild caught from the pristine coastal waters of New South Wales Australia. Each year there is a limited numbers of wild caught Jade lobster therefore it is tag and has a traceability number on the it.

Jade rock lobsters lives on rocky reefs and sand/mud substrates at depths from a few metres to about 200 m. It's reported to be the largest and hardiest species of rock lobster in the world. 


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