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Jade Lobster Wile Black Abalone is harvested from the cool, unpolluted waters of Australia’s southern coastline.



Commercial abalone fisheries exist in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. All are highly regulated and monitored by the Department of Fisheries of each State Government. There are strictly enforced controls that limit the total commercial harvest. These controls ensure that the fisheries are managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Jade Lobster Wile Black Abalone are very selective about the environment in which they live – the sea should be cold with a high salt content, there should be regular water movement and a healthy abundant supply of seaweed. Although abalone grow in many places around the world, the best quality and most succulent abalones grow near the 40 degrees south latitude. Australia is world renowned for producing the highest quality seafood because of its pristine water quality. Southern Australian oceanic waters are particularly pure because of the water provided by the Great Southern Ocean.  

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