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We include all of the shipping fees,  taxes and  quality assurance
Feel good to enjoy fresh seafood and huge discounts just from door step
Australia Direct Sell

​Jade Lobster

$398AUD/box (2kg)

$718 AUD/box (5kg)

$1338AUD/box (10kg)

Wild Black Abalone

$248AUD/box (2kg)

$523AUD/box (5kg)

$948AUD/box (10kg)

Quality Assurance

Our Signature Jade Lobster

About 99% of Jade lobsters is wild caught from the pristine coastal waters of New South Wales Australia. Each year there is a limited numbers of wild caught Jade lobster therefore it is tag and has a traceability number on the it.

Unpacking inspection

After receipt product, please unpacking inspection. If the product has no quality problem, no refund allowed.

If you receive the dead lobster, you can choose to refuse accepting product, or after receipt the lobster we can provide return 50% to you.

Fresh products once sold are non-refundable.




Your Jade Lobster
Fishery Tag Number

“Best seafood on the South Shore.

I always bring new friends to try it and they are convinced once a succulent clam enters their mouth.”

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